About Us

At Furniture Pipeline we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in the industrial RTA furniture market specializing in furniture drop ship and wholesale. Our drive for perfection ensures that we produce the highest quality eco-conscious furniture. Each piece of furniture manufactured is crafted from light weight, durable aircraft-grade aluminum, and high quality solid hardwood Paulownia, sourced from sustainable wood farms.

 Whether selling online or in a physical retail store we have the perfect solution for your business. Our products are designed to be light weight and are packaged efficiently to reduce shipping costs for online stores and provide ease of transportation and delivery from your physical retail store. To ensure ease of assembly our products are designed to be packaged partially-assembled. Included with each product, are tools, and a simple to read step-by-step assembly instruction manual needed for the quick assembly.

As a quality furniture manufacturer and wholesaler, we understand that your business needs may vary. Our custom design team offers a line of industrial designs ready to choose from, as well as a list of custom concept designs to help you create the custom furniture you need to better fit your business.

 Along with the use of quality sustainable materials, Furniture Pipeline also wants to ensure that we deliver a sense of satisfaction to you and your customer base. Therefore, we have committed to planting 7 trees for every product that we distribute. This pledge, together with our sustainable and quality manufacturing model, is geared to provide your customer with a quality piece of furniture built to last a life time!

Whether you're a budding, advanced or established online retailer, marketplace seller or if your business is pure "brick & mortar" Furniture Pipeline is able to fully support your furniture dropshipping needs and wholesale furniture accounts.



Our Promise

We are committed to honoring our responsibility in treating Mother Nature and Planet Earth with the utmost respect. Like all things that are treated with respect, they, in turn, will reciprocate the same.

How it Works

Recyclable recyclable

All our furniture is structured using durable air-craft grade aluminum pipes. All our pipes and fittings are made from aluminum, which is easily recyclable. By contributing to just a 10% increase in aluminum end-of-life recycling, we can help decrease industry greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.

Sustainable Sustainable

We solely use high quality solid hardwood for our furniture. Each wood component used to create our furniture is sourced from sustainable wood farms, in hopes to stem the flow of over 1 billion trees being cut down annually. The global deforestation crisis is real and we all must strive to be a part of the solution!

Trees Planted

How We Give

We partnered with Eden Projects to plant trees in areas that are severely affected by deforestation. We have committed to planting 7 trees per product that we distribute through our certified retailers, to combat deforestation and poverty in areas such as Madagascar, Haiti, and Nepal.

  • Before Eden Reforestation Projects, 2015


  • After Eden Reforestation Projects, 2015


  • Nepal Nursery, March 2015


  • Nepal Nursery, June 2015


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