It’s that time again. Whether it’s you (or your kids) going back to college or leaving home for the first time, dorm decoration is on everyone’s to-do list. Your college dorm is your home away from home, a place to escape the stress of a full course load and extracurricular activities, and often a room in much need of a little TLC. While good company makes a big difference, so does the right decor. So here’s a Furniture Pipeline exclusive: 7 back to school bedroom ideas:

  1. Keep it unique. Even if your university or landlord doesn’t allow nails, there are plenty of options for wall decorations. There are tapestries and decals; there is removable wallpaper, and stick-on art, not to mention Command Strips that are stronger than ever. Let your personality shine through and surround yourself with decorations and images that bring you joy.      


2. Keep it comfy. One of the hardest things about going college is homesickness. It’s common and understandable. Psychologically, from the time we are babies, pillows and blankets comfort us. We feel safer and calmer. So here we have something so soft, so simple, accomplishing two things: 1) combatting homesickness and 2) brightening up the space. Pillows and blankets are also a cost effective way to add color, style, and comfort.


3. Keep it organized. The real key is to give yourself the tools to keep your space organized. Baskets, bins, shelves, and racks make it so that everything has its place. It’s also far less intimidating to unpack or clean a dorm when there’s space to put everything away. We recommend over the door storage (it’s out of the way and efficient), baskets that can be tucked away or displayed, and good drawer dividers. (And those dorm closets are tiny, so any extra room helps.)



4. Keep it simple. Trying to over-decorate can get expensive and cluttered quickly. They key is to find a few key pieces that showcase your personality. Think quality, not quantity. If it’s your first time heading to college, when making larger purchases ask yourself, Is this something I’ll keep in my room for all four years? And, Can I see myself using this in a future home or apartment? Pillows and knick-knacks can be interchanged with as your style evolves, but big-ticket items (like a quality duvetor desk) can break the bank.

5. Keep it fresh. Plants are all the craze! They are such a fun and easy way to keep a room oxygenated and homey. Hanging plants add dimension and can actually make the room look bigger. Small succulents here and there also add a touch of whimsy.


6. Keep it well lit. Lighting has a direct effect on mood. Our emotional responses and resulting moods are more intense when we are exposed to bright light levels for a long period of time. Research suggests people associate the brighter, more intense light levels with heat. Heat often increases the intensity level of emotional responses. In other words, we are more likely to be on edge around bright lights. Most dorms have recess lighting that cannot be dimmed, so we must look elsewhere for inspiration. Lamps serve as both great mood lighting and a study space staple.


7. Keep it sustainable. According to Statista, the total planned U.S. consumer expenditure on back-to-college dorm or apartment furnishings in 2017 was $5.9 billion! That’s a lot of dough. It’s a shame to see a lot of that go to waste. When the “college dorm season” is over, a lot of graduates opt for a more mature look, and some of the more “in the moment” purchases get thrown away. It’s never too early to start investing in sustainable, Eco-friendly furniture that will last a lifetime.


At Furniture Pipeline, we strive to provide quality products for all ages, with one mission in common: battling deforestation and promoting an eco-friendly way of life. Our products a great for dorms and apartments not just because they are easily-assembled and space-saving, but because they come with a number of health benefits: low VOCs, water-based stains, and 100% recyclable. Check out some of the products we think will be especially great for back-to-school:


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