The first industrial buildings were constructed in the 1700's and somehow we still strive to mimic their authentic style today. It seems as though what was initially a solution to overcrowded cities has become a popular trend, as young professionals and families alike vie for industrial loft style apartments and decor. In the course of our lifetime, we’ve seen plenty of trends go in an out, but there are a few reasons why industrial style is here to stay. 7 to be exact:

  1. Functionality- Stemming from efficiency and safety, industrial architecture has always been functional. Factories were made architecturally, but with their manufacturing purpose in mind. As urban areas developed rapidly, factories sprung up to accommodate several growing industries. Now, they mark some of our cities’ most prized landmarks and residences.
  2. Cost-effectiveness- Industrial style was never intended to be extravagant or showy. It was a result of contractors attempting to get the best bang for their buck while creating a functional space. Loft apartments are coveted for their location and style, but they are just the bare bones. We think of little Sheetrock, a lot of brick, and plenty of exposed metal.
  3. Durability- Another reality about these materials is that they’re super durable. Someone is going to have a hard time breaking a product made of brick and quality aluminum or iron. These products are here to stay and they seem to gain more character with age.
  4. Simplicity- Perhaps the reason why industrial style has become so popular is because it’s not trying to be anything more than it already is. Industrial furniture has well-defined lines and clear expectations.
  5. Sustainability- Industrial style isn’t just another “trend” because the materials can be recycled and recycled again. Interior designers are now using reclaimed brick to add another dimension to their rooms and steel and aluminum top North America’s list of “most recycled materials”. Industrial style isn’t just pleasing to the eye; it’s good for the environment.
  6. Openness- Just as urban factories were characterized by wide-open spaces, industrial furniture is too. Industrial pieces will keep your décor as the focal point, while they evoke a sense of efficiency and style in the background. This also makes them industrial style ideal for small spaces. It rarely looks bulky, overdone, or overwhelming.
  7. Character- Perhaps the biggest reason why industrial style is here to stay is because it has a great deal of character. Walls of exposed brick and ceilings with exposed metal tell a story of a different time. Oftentimes, new homeowners will breakdown the exterior walls to reveal elements that are centuries old and it’s like uncovering a design mystery. Now, homes are prized for the industrial secrets that can be uncovered, rather than for how easily some drywall can cover them up.

Industrial style isn’t going anywhere and that’s exactly why we have mirrored our products after the efficiency, durability, sustainability, and character of it. To check out exactly what our products look like, visit our products page here and to see all of the great organizations that believe in them too, stop by our retailers’ page here. At Furniture Pipeline, we’re in the market of making good quality products that make life a little bit easier and help us give back to the environment to. To check out all things Furniture Pipeline, follow us on social media @plantedseven.