February 1st is National Freedom Day in our Country. This hold so much significance in our lives as Americans as we regard the addition of the 13th amendment to our constitution. We observe this day and remember the abolishment of slavery at the faithful hands of Abraham Lincoln and his proclamation.

National Freedom Day, first and foremost, represents the day our country changed forever. We see today the implications this day had for many more years when it comes to liberty, poverty, and our environment; three things that are foundational to our mission. Just like the liberty of men and Women were suppressed in our own country by legislation, we see that continue today all over the world, through poverty, corruption and environmental hardship. Because of this reality, we chose to partner with Eden Projects. We have been partnered with them ever since our company was founded and they have been a key piece in our advocacy for preservation of wildlife habitats, deforestation and poverty. Eden Projects provides disadvantaged countries with vital reforestation efforts. When you buy one of our products, or post a DIY design using #myfpdesign, 7 trees are planted in the following countries (and every 100 trees planted equates to a full day’s work!):

Haiti- Considered the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, Haiti is plagued by corruption, gang violence, drug trafficking, and organized crime. Continued natural disasters have only worsened an already struggling economy and government. As they are in the midst of a holistic restructuring effort following the Hurricane Matthew, the Haitian people benefit substantially from healthy trees and jobs too replant them.

Nepal- Landlocked, low on natural resources, and with an unstable government, Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. A large majority of their governmental programs are funded by foreign aid, and even so, they do little to aid citizens living and working in rural regions. Agriculture accounts for over 50% of Nepal’s export earnings, but the quality of their soil is rapidly declining. With tree planting projects, the Nepalese can benefit from rejuvenated soil and reliable jobs for rural workers.

Madagascar- Although blessed with a wide variety of natural resources, corruption and poor enforcement of property rights have held Madagascar back from living up to their full potential. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing are economic mainstays, but sustained drought brought about widespread hunger in southern Madagascar in 2016. To combat both problems, Eden Projects helps nourish local crop fields and provides the poverty-stricken locals with work.

Indonesia- What was once one of the most biodiverse regions in the world now suffers the consequences of the lack in habitat-protection. An estimated 40 million rural dwellings rely heavily on the biodiversity of their environment and wildlife populations for subsistence needs. Eden Reforestation Projects is working with local villagers on Biak Island and West Java to restore, replant and protect these unique and vital forest systems.


Mozambique- With most of its population living in rural areas, habitat restoration and preservation are vital. Specifically, Mozambique’s natural mangroves have been destroyed. Thankfully, Eden is working with local communities and villagers to protect their ecosystems. This effort will not only help the livelihoods of locals, but also restore natural wildlife; animals and plants.

To view more information about us, our goals and sustainable furniture designs, click here to visit “Our Story” on our webpage. In addition to planting 7 trees for every product sold, all our products are sustainable, low-VOC and recyclable, and packaged with 100% recyclable packaging. To stay up to date as we fight for your indoor and outdoor environment and those who lack freedom, follow us on social media @planteseven or sign up to receive our newsletter below.

Happy National Freedom Day!