Are you willing to present your existing products in a way that is most appealing for consumers? As retailers we constantly attempt to make this perception of value added a reality. From the Happy Meal to Microsoft Office, bundles are everywhere. Many consumers even expect some sort of quantity or bundled discount.

Bundles communicate value: Simply put, why not offer consumers something special for wanting to buy more of your products? After all, when customers feel like you have their best interest/discount or satisfaction in mind, they respond with long term loyalty. As you know, it’s difficult to put a price on customer loyalty, especially when you consider potential repurchases, referrals, improved customer experiences, and brand loyalty.

Increase your Average Order Value (AOV): As a retailer selling online or instore, AOV is your bread and butter. Higher AOVs mean increased revenue, faster turnover for your inventory and more cash flow!

Bundles present retailers with a number of advantages and increase conversions by appealing to your customer wants and needs, for a number of reasons:

1) Bundles boiled down, are a discount based off the volume of the products included. Nobody dislikes a discount😊.

2) Bundles illustrate methods of utilizing products in combination that consumers do not necessarily think of.

3) With an increase in product pages as bundles, you improve your chances of visibility and of conversions across a range of categories, sub-categories and selling channels.

4) Bundles are a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your brand exposure.

5) Bundles are a great way to upsell or cross sell when your customer is contemplating or actually purchasing a product included in a value-added bundle.

6) Bundles present a great opportunity to rid yourself of overstocked and or slow-moving products.

7) Since bundles help move inventory  at a quicker pace, this provides retailers the opportunity to lower costs with the potential increase of wholesale purchase orders 

TIP: A great way to impart the added value of bundles is to show the customers savings right on your site at check out or better yet, via the product page!

Furniture Pipeline is a manufacturer and dropshipper of RTA (ready to assemble) industrial, rustic and farmhouse furniture. We pride ourselves on manufacturing solely with sustainable solid wood, Low VOC finishing’s (non-toxic) and with 100% recyclable packaging. Because we care about our customers satisfaction and our environment, we plant 7 trees (#plantedseven) for every furniture design sold in areas of severe deforestation!

All our furniture is designed with lightweight yet strong materials and compact packaging to lower your cost for shipping. In addition, all our furniture is partially assembled to make the pain of assembly that much easier! We provide a liberal and cost effective return policy for our partners (retailers) while offering same day shipping as well!

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