Trends move quickly in the interior design realm. Whether you’re a first-time home-owner, a college student, or a seasoned real estate veteran looking for a décor change, it’s quite simple to spruce up your space. Check out these few ideas to serve as the bare bones for your updates. The best part? They’re affordable and easy to adjust when you get antsy for something new.

  1. Gander at a Gallery Wall- One of the best ways to fill up wall space and add some personal flare at the same time is with a gallery wall! You may have seen them all over Pinterest- mostly because they provide each designer with so much freedom! Whether you love canvas artwork, antique frames, or random hangable items, you can pick pieces that match the rest of the décor in your room or stand out all on their own. A few tips: Choose a favorite statement piece first and build around that. This serves as a color scheme standard and helps you create a cohesive look. Pick a variety of sizes and shapes to draw the eye but keep the spacing between each item uniform. Also, symmetry and balance are important. Consider designing your gallery wall above a piece of furniture. This will help you keep the design looking even.
  1. Mount a Mirror- Mirrors are an inexpensive trick for making rooms feel larger and taking up empty wall space; you just have to find the right place for them. Feng shui aficionados give us a long list of ways to make sure you’re using mirrors to promote a good flow of energy, so we’ll narrow it down to just a few tips. Mirrors are ideal for spaces that lack natural light. Consider one in an entryway (just avoid front door-facing mirrors). In living rooms, mirrors are an excellent way to reflect light and create the illusion of spaciousness; just make sure they are placed high enough so that your guests aren’t catching awkward glimpses of themselves as they walk by. Dining rooms are perhaps the most classic place for mirrors; consider a large, nicely framed one opposite the light fixture.
  1. Opt for an Organization Station- Especially in kitchens, offices, or entryways, an organization station could be exactly what you or your family need to get organized! Consider mounting a large monthly calendar (chalkboard or whiteboard designs are great for filling in the days each month), a cork board, a basket or two for filing papers, and something motivational. Just like with a gallery wall, an organization station can be a hodge-podge of different pieces, while still reflecting a degree of cohesiveness. Keep everyone in the house on schedule, prepared, and motivated and fill that awkward chunk of wall space while you’re at it.
  1. Tack up Textiles- Textiles are in. Everything from framed fabrics to macramé wall art pieces are filling homes everywhere. With lots of options and plenty of DIY potential, textiles add another dimension to the space. Reusing scraps is a highly eco-friendly way to decorate too! Consider framing a swatch of a special blanket that has passed down from generations, take up space with something woven, or invent your own form of fabric art. Just be sure that your wall textiles don’t clash with your furniture textiles or window fixtures. Neutral colors typically bode best.
  1. Frame Family Photos- Just like families, family photos come in all different shapes and sizes. A single framed piece can take up an entire wall and so can a cohesive collection. This cohesiveness can be achieved by using the same frames for all photos or the same style for all photos. For example, frame your kids and/or pets all in black and white. Or, get a few of the same frames to display travel photos. Either way, picking a theme for your photo wall will make it look more appealing so it can serve as focal point for the room.
  1. Put up Plants- Plants make the air in the room fresher, décor more vibrant, and guests’ smiles wider. (For a full list of why house plants are the best and all the different ways to implement them in your home, check out one of our previous blogs here.) Hanging-plants in particular take up a lot of wall space and look great while they’re at it. For a more minimalist look, consider plants with long vines or small succulents. You can also utilize a wide variety of shelving that doubles as storage and décor.
  1. Situate Mountable Shelving- Mountable shelving opens up so many possibilities for your space, without overpowering the design. You can choose the from the widest variety of highly minimal shelving to truly extravagant pieces. Shelves keep practical items like dishware, books, candles, and clothing up and out of the way, but they also serve as an excellent perch for unique pieces like family antiques and small collections. Create a uniform design with three shelves of the same size or go for something more dynamic with a three-piece multipurpose display. Choose sustainable wood to make your display environmentally friendly too!

One of Furniture Pipeline’s specialties is mountable shelving. Lightweight and straightforward, our shelving units can hold up to 20 pounds and are safe to mount even in drywall. Our flanges are uniquely designed to contain two set screws and two real screws, which means in situations where stability isn’t an issue, you can opt to make only two holes in the wall instead of the usual four per flange. When a little extra stability is needed, simply switch out the display screws for real screws.

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