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  1. Multi-Purpose at its Finest

    10 years down the road, your life is probably going to look a little bit different than it does right now. Your family may be bigger, you may be working somewhere new, and you may have a completely different living situation. At Furniture Pipeline, we believe there’s no reason why your furniture shouldn’t be able to adapt to your lifestyle! We’ve created dynamic, versatile pieces that can serve their purpose in any room of the home. Here are a few of our favorites:

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  2. 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

    Smaller spaces mean they’re closer to our hearts. Apartments and lofts often have a great deal of character, but not a lot of space. At Furniture Pipeline, we believe in making the most of our furniture when floor space is limited. So, in the spirit of planting 7 trees for every product sold, here’s 7 ways to make the most of small spaces:

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  3. Influencer- Give & Take

    Why should a social influencer partner with a company like Furniture Pipeline? We’re glad you asked! There are a few reasons:

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  4. How To Series: Tips and Tricks

    Don’t you find a relationship to be far more satisfying when both parties are engaged? Relationships are about giving and receiving. If you’re putting forth resources, it’s quite reasonable to expect the same from your partner!

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  5. John and Casey’s Dropship Success

    John and Casey’s Dropship Success! At Furniture Pipeline, we’re serious about getting to know our dropshippers, wholesalers, and retailers. They help fuel our mission of promoting reforestation, sustainable living, and quality furniture. And they get the word out to far more people than we ever could ourselves. Sharing the stories of our partners helps us appreciate the people we work with every day. We learn something new every time we get to know our customers, dropshippers, and retailers.

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  6. Planting Trees: Reforestation and Job Creation

      Partner Profile: Eden Reforestation Projects Planting Trees: Reforestation and Job Creation How did they start? The concept that Eden Reforestation Projects holds near and dear today began in 2004 in Ethiopia under the leadership of Dr. Steve Fitch. Growing up in the Philippines, he understood how poverty could destroy lives. He visited villages that had been devastated by deforestation...
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  7. Appreciate Lightweight

      Do you ever just get tired at looking at the same thing everyday? The same hairstyle? The same clothes in your closet? The same pair of dirty sneakers? Sometimes you just need a little bit of change and that’s okay. The same old, same old often makes us the most comfortable, but semi-frequent modification are scientifically proven to help...
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  8. Creating an Aesthetic

    If you have zero interior design training, the thought of designing an entire room by yourself can be quite intimidating. You may not know what textures compliment each other best or how to create feng shui, However, you do know the purpose you want your room to serve. The truth is, deciding a room’s purpose is the first and most...
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  9. Custom Creation

    Calling all creators, innovators, and artists! Furniture Pipeline offers exclusive design customization opportunities to all of our retailers!

    What does this mean?

    It means that you, as a retailer, who knows your customer best, have the opportunity to customize a piece of Furniture Pipeline furniture and sell it exclusively.

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  10. A Letter to our Retail Relationships

    Dear Small Businesses, At Furniture Pipeline, we are committed to all of our retailers. We’re fully aware that commitment is a big word, so what does that mean to us? It means that we aren’t going to shy away from your business because you have a smaller number of employees or a fewer number of locations. That means we won’t...
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