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  1. The Entertainment Game

    The entertainment center: often overlooked and often underestimated, this is the place where your guest’s attention is most often subconsciously directed. Good furniture is essential for quality entertainment. Finding the right entertainment center for your space can often be a challenge, so we have a few tips to help!   Evaluate the size of your space: An entertainment center that...
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  2. Beating the IKEA Effect

    Welcome to the dreaded IKEA effect: You spend hours putting together a piece of furniture that was supposed to be cost-effective and convenient. Sure, it could’ve been significantly marked down and it could be trendy, but how much do you value your time? When it comes down to it, self-assembled furniture is typically of lower quality, more difficult to understand...
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  3. Minimize Risk and Drop Ship

    Marketing 101: You must fully understand your customer before you can effectively sell to them. The best marketers, salespeople, and business owners know that a good product doesn’t always mean good sales. Consumers are fickle. There’s always a chance that they won’t like your product for some unexpected reason, or even that they’ll love and you won’t be able to...
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  4. Don’t Be Cliché - Happy Valentines Day

    It’s Valentines Day Season again- a time when “love is in the air” and extra chocolate is on the shelves. Flowers and chocolate are great at the start of a relationship. But the longer you’re with your significant other, the more your gifts should reflect how much you know about them. In other words, after a year together, you should...
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  5. Easy on Your Back and Easy on Your Bank

    We thought we would paint a picture for you of what buying furniture typically looks like. Underneath all the hassle and all the inconvenience between store and home, there’s something we want to recapture: the joy of finding a piece that’s perfect for your space. Unfortunately, that joy has been lost in more ways than one. Say it’s time for...
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  6. Are You Tired of Dropshipping Fees?

    There’s no doubt that dropshipping is an excellent way to break into new markets and expand the range of your business. You can avoid amassing expensive inventory while offering more options than ever before, especially as trends hit the market. Most traditional dropshippers charge a dropship fee for hiring workers, packaging, and shipping. It’s quite common to find drop ship...
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  7. Healthy Homes

    In the last decade, we’ve certainly seen an emphasis on healthier living in our country. Faced with complications from poor diets, extreme pollution, and sometimes, just lack of awareness, the American people today are fighting for a healthier lifestyle. We’re all aware of the value of taking care of our bodies with exercise, sleep, and a balanced diet, but few...
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  8. To the Retailer with Tight Margins

    In 2015, furniture and home furnishings ecommerce sales totaled $26.7 billion. Currently, the furniture industry is the second fastest growing ecommerce industry in the world. 10 years ago, buying furniture online would’ve been unheard of, but today it’s revolutionizing how we do business. Free Shipping Day is fast approaching (December 15th) and it’s vital that you take advantage of rush...
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  9. The Gift of Giving Seven

    The Gift of Giving Seven 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the loft, There lay new furniture and art; stylish, durable, and evenly glossed. The canvases were wrapped on tables assembled with care, All in confidence that new trees would be planted, and blessings would be shared.' About 30 million Christmas trees are cut down each year in...
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  10. The Four Functions of Furniture

    Have you ever thought about where the wood came from or how your life is different because of it? Better yet, are you proud of your furniture? When’s the last time you sat down and really thought about what your furniture means to you? Furniture is something that we utilize and enjoy in our everyday life without always thinking what...
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