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  1. Now Introducing New Designs and Colors! Four New Products that Marry Chic with Saving Space.

    The season of bounty ushers in our introduction of something new; coming soon in February. We’re set to release four new products and fresh new color options. We’re proud to announce that a beautiful light brown wood stain, with tinges of red, fittings flash plated with a chic bronze, and pipes anodized with a distressed bronze finish are available across the board for all designs.

    That being said, here’s to family, friends, and furniture. Our new products are as environmentally friendly and durable as ever, now with just a little bit more variety. We’re introducing the Corvallis Industrial Chic Console Table, the Corvallis Industrial Chic Side Table, the Tucson Modern Industrial Étagère Display, and the Nashville Industrial Mid-Century Étagère Bookcase. Check out their unique features below!

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  2. The Looming Link Between Deforestation and Flooding

    Within the past couple of months, the United States has been hit with several hurricanes, markedly Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida. As some of the nations most economically diverse states, Florida and Texas are vital to the health of the United States’ GDP.

    Even worse, the American people have suffered a difficult economic situation (including high rates of unemployment and dampening productivity), which only prolongs the tragedy of so many Americans who have lost their homes to natural disaster.

    Our hearts go out to all those who are in the process of rebuilding. We are also looking forward to the ways in which we can help our fellow Americans rebuild stronger and more sustainably.

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  3. The Future of E-Commerce and Furniture

    It’s official. The majority of Americans prefer to shop online.  As of this year, 51% of Americans lay their claim on computer commerce. Brick and mortar retail is slowly dying. While we have a great deal of respect for the personal touch of buying in-store, we also know that Americans are asking for new solutions.

    Even more staggering, ecommerce is growing by 23% consistently each year, but 46% of American small businesses don’t even have a website. Specifically, 70% of the furniture retailers aren’t online. Spearheaded by the Millennial generation, e-commerce has taken the retail industry by storm, capturing clothing, cosmetics, and even food. So we ask, Why not furniture too?


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  4. Navigating High Point Furniture Market

    One of the things we like most about High Point Furniture Market is the wide array of design diversity. With over 70,000 attendees from over 100 countries and roughly 200 exhibitors in 180 buildings, there’s a lot to see. Not only are the exhibitors showing everything from rustic to modern, there are commercial and residential designers, industry representatives, buyers, sellers, and more. As a returning exhibitor, with a good understanding of market, we feel like we have something to offer to everyone.

    High Point Furniture market is 10 million square feet of furniture mazes, and we’re completely aware that it can be overwhelming, especially for the first-time market-goer. Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks for navigating all those showrooms.

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  5. The 7 Elements of Furniture Pipeline Design

    The 7 elements of interior design are a standard across the industry. In our own furniture design, we strive to make the most of each one. We know that our pieces are just parts of a much greater design, so we create with the bigger picture in mind.

    Whether it’s Space, Line, Form, Light, Color, Texture, or Pattern, FP products come to the table with their own style, while still highlighting yours

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  6. What is furniture and interior design

    Interior design broken down into its core elements is clean cut and concrete. Space, Line, Form, Light, Color, Texture, and Pattern make up the elements essential to the industry. It’s much more involved than simply decorating a room. It’s a science bound by its own elements (Launchpad).

    Interior design is also one of the most loosely defined, yet incredibly creative industries. Amateur designers can utilize the elements to redesign a friend’s den just as the industry giants use them to remodel a hotel. That’s unique. Surprisingly, the interior design sector is split pretty evenly between traditionally employed and self-employed.

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  7. In the Spotlight: Juneau Industrial Wall Mounted Étagère Rack

    Maximize your office or living space in style with this wall mounted metal and wood pipe shelf, featuring a modern and industrial vintage persona. Each component of the Juneau 3-tiered étagère rack is expertly crafted from the finest materials including aircraft grade recyclable aluminum and sustainable reclaimed finished solid wood.

    The mounted shelves are perfect for storing and displaying a variety of items and a horizontal metal rod can be used to hang and store towels, hanging plants and more! 

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  8. Furniture Pipeline How It All Started Part 2

    Of equal importance to FP’s origins is the time of growth between those few notes at Moshe’s desk and their current position; a growth period full of a great deal of research and redesign.

    Moshe knew that in order for his vision to work, all of the packaging had to be “consolidated and light weight.” His first innovation: aircraft-grade aluminum, and his second: Paulownia wood, both of which provided him with the necessary lightness and durability for cost-effective shipping.

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  9. Furniture Pipeline How It All Started

    Furniture Pipeline as a company (that’s revolutionizing the e-commerce furniture industry) and as a vision (for changing the bounds of sustainability) was founded in the spirit of innovation, creativity, and one really good idea.

    Moshe Rindenow and Ave Hayat, once boarding school peers, eventually became business partners and pioneers. What started as a kitchen storage solution for Moshe’s wife has turned into a drop-ship and wholesale daydream. But, that’s not without a great deal of industry and life experience first.

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  10. Deforestation Why it’s a Problem and What We’re Doing to Fix It

    Deforestation is the removal of the trees in a forest, in order to provide land for some other use. The process of deforestation could include setting fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable and logging for timber.

    According to the Rainforest Alliance, nearly half of the Earth’s original forest cover has already been lost, and each year an additional 32 million acres are destroyed. Those are some serious numbers. Not only are we losing a great deal of beauty, but the fabric of our lives is so deeply intertwined with their survival.

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