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  1. Furniture Made With The Millennial In Mind

    The fact that Millennials comprise the largest generation in history is certainly one reason why we’ve chosen to create furniture they can relate to, but we actually think the furniture desires of 18-35-year-olds are smart for all generations.

    The average Millennial today is increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, they’ve probably tried out several jobs, and they’re settling down later in life.

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  2. Efficient Furniture: Ingeniously packed, Easily Assembled

    Sub-assembled pieces, an Allen wrench, and minimal packaging. That’s what comes in a nicely branded box from Furniture Pipeline.

    No messy packing peanuts, no frustrating plastic, and most importantly; no insane shipping costs! We have designed our products with an awareness of how our customers want to receive their box and how they want to handle what’s in it.

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  3. Furniture startup plants trees to fight poverty, promote sustainability

    Sustainability, integrity and creativity are the name of the game for Furniture Pipeline. Not only does it use recycled and eco-friendly materials to create stylish furniture, it gives back to the world in the process.

    The idea started when Moshe Rindenow, co-founder of Furniture Pipeline, was asked by his wife to create a small piece of kitchen furniture. He had decided to use pipes and fitting to build the piece, as he knew this was a popular style.

    After completing the project, Rindenow thought it would be a good idea to make and sell retail versions of pipe and fitting furniture.

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  4. Furniture - What's In and Out

    Much like the fashion industry, furniture trends rise up every year, just as some fall by the wayside. Because furniture is like fashion for your home, there’s value in understanding what’s in and what’s out. Fortunately, our research shoots to provide our customers with design-based facts that Furniture Pipeline products are in and may never go out of style. And that’s exactly what we’ve designed them for. Here’s what’s in and out for 2017:

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  5. Furniture Dropshipping: A Hands-Off Approach to Business Success

    Running a successful furniture business means wearing a lot of different hats. It’s all you can do to delegate work, automate processes and set up triggers to help your business run smoothly while your attention is being focused elsewhere! But, did you know that furniture dropshipping could be the ultimate way to put your business on autopilot?

    Think about the fulfillment aspect of your business and all that it involves. You need to export orders, process them, fill them and ship them. It’s by far the most time-intensive and elongated part of running your business! Unfortunately, it’s also the most critical, since it’s responsible for giving your customers what they’ve ordered.

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  6. We Planted More Than Seven

    Our first showroom at High Point Furniture Market was 300 square-feet of inspiration. We were inspired by the interest in our e-commerce and environmentally friendly products, the thoughtful suggestions from designers, and the vast amount of connections we made from around the country.

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  7. Dropshipping Makes Scaling Your Furniture Business Easy

    Your furniture business is going strong. You’ve got a few core sets of furniture and a few diverse styles for customers to choose from. And now, you’re thinking it’s a great time to expand a little—add a few more pieces or maybe a new brand to the mix.

    The question is, how do you grow your business without putting a physical or financial strain on it?

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  8. 5 Reasons Your Website Should Dropship Furniture

    As you look to start a brand new furniture ecommerce site or grow your existing web store, it’s of great value to consider dropshipping furniture. It can seem like a complex and convoluted process at first, but in fact, choosing to dropship furniture could be the secret to streamlining your operations and your revenue.

    Let’s take a look at 5 reasons your business should dropship furniture and what benefits it has for your ability to grow and flourish as an online furniture ecommerce:

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  9. Using Dropshipping to Benefit Your Retail Locations

    One of the best ways to sell furniture is still through the classic showroom business model. People love to come in and walk around, looking at all of the different pieces available to them, touching and feeling them to see what they like vs. what they don’t like.

    Some of the most successful furniture stores today still leverage showrooms to help them turn over inventory quickly, while still offering an online ecommerce option.

    These same successful furniture stores also understand the power of dropshipping as a component to their fulfillment process. Rather than keeping warehouses and storerooms filled with duplicates of the pieces offered on their showroom floor, smart furniture retailers know dropshipping is an effective way to cut inventory down to a minimum, without sacrificing sales potential.

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  10. The Secret to Furniture Dropshipping Success

    Getting into the furniture business can be hard, considering the potential size and scope of your inventory. Not only do you need to carry enough styles, pieces, collections and brands to meet the demands of your customers, you’ll need to house it all safely to ensure it’s on hand when orders come through.

    It’s for these reasons dropshipping furniture has become so popular for today’s furniture retailers. There’s more to dropshipping furniture than just taking orders and notifying manufacturers, however—it takes forethought to offer dropshipping in a way that’s effective for your business and good for your bottom line.

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