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  1. Furniture Dropshipping Why You Need to be Doing it

    As an ecommerce furniture store, you’ve got quite a bit of competition on all sides. Not only are you competing with other websites that sell furniture, you’re also vying for a share of the customers shopping brick and mortar stores. And let’s not forget about the opposition you might face from big-box chains that offer furniture as part of their larger inventory.

    To set your furniture ecommerce apart and attract customers, you’re going to need to establish an inventory that’s appealing and enticing to shoppers. More than just carrying the right products, though, you’ll need to compete on price, which can be extremely hard depending on your inventory. This is where furniture dropshipping can give you the edge.

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  2. Finding Serious and Dependable Furniture Wholesalers and Dropshippers

    One of the biggest prospective drawbacks of utilizing furniture dropshipping is having to rely on a partner company to handle your fulfillment. Fulfillment is a huge part of your customer service reputation and deals directly with getting your customers the products they’re owed, which means this entire segment of business needs to be top-notch to reflect positively on your eCommerce.

    A good dropshipping partner will be able to manage this expectation of quality, however, and help you sustain a streamlined, error-free fulfillment process. By paying attention to detail, operating in an organized fashion and keeping the lines of communication open with your business, a serious and dependable dropshipping wholesaler can be the key to your furniture store’s success.

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  3. How to Easily & Successfully Buy Furniture Online

    Online shopping is now the norm. There was once a time when people wouldn’t have dreamed of trading over the internet, passing their details on through a secure server only to merely trust the person/company on the other end of the computer to send them their desired purchase.

    Internet security and trust between consumer and provider have never been higher, and to think, that you can buy insurance, cars and even rent housing via the click of a button. It’s a whole new world that is merely a web page away, and it’s made our lives easier, better and more secure.

    Understandably, buying larger items online feels slightly riskier. I can certainly see why. Trading in fragile and important goods through a complex and often lengthy transit distance only hints at one thing: broken goods. This type of worry is something we know all about.

    If you spend your money on the furniture from Pipeline you want to make sure what you’re getting in return is what you asked for, and how you asked for it. Not broken, chipped, or not what was promised. You need not worry about us. Delivering goods promptly and securely is something that is really important to us. Gone are the days of sending out a table and hoping for the best.

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  4. A Double-Edged Gift for the Home and Apartment

    Moving into a new home can be a daunting task. It starts with hours of boxing and uncovering things that honestly... You did not know existed within your home. Like a Jedi lightsaber you spent a fortune on during your star wars phase.

    Now the moving day arrives and of course not everything will make it in one piece but hey you made it! You start to unpack and, slowly but surely, life begins to take on a semblance of normalcy as you arrange your home decor.

    Anyone going through the stress of a move deserves a gift to be cherished, to make them feel like a job well done and welcome to the community.

    At Furniture Pipeline we offer the perfect house warming gifts. You can make a quirky joke like, ‘hey if you bought your furniture from Pipeline then maybe all your furniture would have arrived intact’…I would hold back on that one, no point in rubbing it in. Keep in mind, our furniture is incredibly light and will not give your friend or family a horrible flashback of their moving experience, and is free of toxic finishing for a healthy home!

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  5. Deforestation in Countries Like Nepal & How We Can Help

    Here at Furniture Pipeline, we care about our planet. Not just the part of the planet we’re based around, but the whole planet Earth and everyone on it. We’re in the furniture wholesale and manufacturing market, sure, but we’re in the happiness market, too. We want to provide people with the most exciting, functional furniture while at the same time giving back a little something to Mother Earth. How we will do this, we decided, was through direct correlation with the products we make and the furniture we make. If we can return the favor elsewhere, we can help renew the cogs of life for generations to come. Something we love the sound of.

    Effects of deforestation is a huge problem around the world. Trees are being cut down and massive areas of the world are being left without their most valuable natural resource. And by valuable, we don’t just mean financially. The trees that are being cut down for our own benefit are homes to animals and important to the environment of far away lands, lands that a lot of people across the globe may never see. 

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  6. Healthy Home, Healthy Family: How to Make Your Home Better

    We now live in a world where one is aware of the potentially dangerous products that can affect one’s health such as food, clothing, plastic bottles and cleaning products as just a short list of examples.

    Due to this, you have a movement of people who are health conscious and aware. They buy food free of chemical substitutes, they do not reuse plastic water bottles, and they wear clothing made from organic materials that are not sprayed with a load of chemicals. What we don’t hear often enough is about the furniture you buy for your home.

    Folks are not aware of the real and present danger that VOC (volatile organic compounds) prevalent in most furniture today can cause serious harm to you, your family, or roommate.

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  7. Why is Furniture Pipeline So Awesome?

    Of course, any furniture company is going to toot their own horn. But here at Furniture Pipeline, we don’t need to do that. The product speaks for itself. But here’s a quick refresher on who we are and the awesome products we produce.

    Furniture Made for You

    Furniture Pipeline understands your need for the basic necessities of your home while also giving you the opportunity to make the world a better place. Furniture Pipeline strives to provide high-quality and, yet, affordable furniture.

    We designed our pieces to save space in a typical apartment. We use materials which are lightweight to aid you in bringing the furniture into your home, assembling it, and, if you choose, move from one home to another is a breeze. Our assembly instructions are detailed and simple, allowing you to save time and assemble your furniture without needless frustration.

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  8. Environmentally Sustainable RTA Furniture? Why Not?

    Although rare and expensive, it’s a trend I have seen, environmentally conscious and sustainable furniture built to help improve our quality of air & life in our homes. But aside from the major affordability problems, (which we talked about here; “Price vs. Eco-Conscious”) there is another major element that I noticed missing from the environmental and sustainable furniture industry today; RTA (ready to assemble) furniture.

    The pleasures and benefits associated with RTA furniture come at a high price when it’s your home’s environment we’re talking about putting at risk. So, where is it available? Where can one buy, and how can we find a good solution to eco-friendly RTA furniture today that offers more than just a coffee table? Why is isn’t it everywhere?!

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency has ranked indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to modern day public health. The EPA’s studies have found that indoor air pollutants are generally an average of 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor pollution levels, with your furniture likely being the most dangerous culprit.

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  9. 8 Reasons Why You Want Pipeline in Retail Furniture Stores

    Whether you’re a savvy home owner on the hunt for a great, affordable piece for your home, or you're one of the retail furniture stores searching for the next big company to fill your shelves, Furniture Pipeline is where you should be looking for your wholesale, drop ship furniture source. Let me tell you why.

    Easy Assembly

    Most furniture, even high end custom pieces, require assembly. It’s just easier for storing, shipping, and getting in your home. But some manufacturers produce furniture that’s so complicated to assemble and come with a million parts and pieces that we often end up putting it together incorrectly, or skip steps just to get to the end.

    You never have to worry about that with Furniture Pipeline. Every piece comes partially pre-assembled, and you’re left with the easy steps of placing it in your home and fitting the last parts together. Anyone could assemble Furniture Pipeline’s products with ease.

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  10. How You Can Help the Affects of Deforestation

    Deforestation is a very real issue we face in the world today and it seems like there’s not enough said about it. Over 30% of the Earth’s land surface area is inhabited by thick forests. And the bulk of that is taken up by rain forests.

    How Bad is the Situation?

    To give you an idea of just how important treed areas such as this are, over 70% of the world’s plants and animals live in the forest. They depend on the thriving environment to survive.

    Trees also absorb a ton of the harmful greenhouse gasses that fill our atmosphere and contribute to the global warming crisis. Without forests, this absorption would lessen greatly and speed up the rate of global warming. Crazy, right?

    The rate of deforestation each year is astronomical, and it far exceeds the rate of replanting. It should be the other way around. But as it stands, if we continue the rate we’re at, the world’s rainforests will be completely gone in just over a hundred years.

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