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  1. Price VS Eco-Conscious

    While millennials strive for eco-conscious products, our wallets don’t always have the necessary funds to follow suit. But why? Why are our options limited to cheap non-recyclable or sustainable products or, expensive but clean and eco-conscious products?

    A product that is recyclable, sustainable, and affordable. A way to make our planet and home a focal point in production while keeping our products affordable, sustainable, and long lasting, to ensure a limited carbon footprint.

    At Furniture Pipeline, (a furniture manufacturer) we strive to understand the impact that we have on our world. We also believe that our customers should not have to make a choice between our environment and their ability to afford to care about our environment. We don’t believe that money should play a role when our planet and our well-being is at risk.

    But how can we do this? How did we find a way to manufacture Earth friendly products and keep our prices at affordable rates?

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  2. Millennials: We're Not All That Bad!

    t’s funny how in our fast-paced society we lose track of where our products stem from, down to our toiletries, food, electronics and furniture. Each product that we consume or utilize is touched by hundreds if not thousands and can affect untold millions. 

    Never have we had the kind of informational access to companies manufacturing and employment methods, which brings me to the topic at hand. Last week I was sitting down at a meal when one of the guests started rampaging against the millennial generation. He said I quote “millennials have no dedication towards tradition and values of their culture. They are so bent on becoming unique individuals that they have neglected to recall what unifies them.” 

    While that might be true in some areas, I think there is something completely unique and special about the millennial age that is not generally spoken about.

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